Monday, August 4, 2014

Accidental Videography

Back in November 2012 when my parent's first visited me, we actually started our travels in Costa Rica to see my uncle, aunt, and two cousins for Thanksgiving.  Afterwards we traveled north to my region of Nicaragua, all with my mom's new camera.  The thing about this camera was that we hadn't checked the settings on it, so it was set up to simultaneously take video as you took a photo.  What resulted was this patchwork video of our travels from Arenal, Costa Rica to Sabalos Lodge, Nicaragua.  Watch and see a monkey, lots of birds, pretty flowers, an absurd amount of iguanas, tourists, vehicles almost running over said tourists, a pineapple, the Rio Frio, my mom posing for photos, mud, the other Los Chiles, my butt, a tona, the Rio San Juan, San Carlos, my beloved (now defunct) pizza place, a river shrimp, my dad and me trying our best to smile for the camera, and a beautiful sunset over the river.  Not necessarily in that order.


  1. That was pretty entertaining!

  2. The Pizza Place is now defunct?????!!!!!! Say it’s not so!